sky and birthday place prints 30*40

As low as IQD20,000

A painting of the shape of heaven and earth for Christmas, printed on attractive MDF, suitable for several celebrations

-Delivery within 4 days

-Available in three languages: ARABIC - ENGLISH - TURKISH


The Custom 30*40 prints with Earth and Sky Design is among the most valuable souvenir products that will make the places where meeting or special days are spent immortally remembered. The process is completed digitally in order to ensure that the painting of the painting is permanent, on a high quality white canvas placed on wooden supports. Thanks to the point, date and time information you want, you can have your memories displayed in an original way with one black and white sky and one black and white earth designed maps. You can display the special kavas painting, which is among the original gifts and consists of 2 maps in total, on any wall in your home or workplace. At the same time, in order to increase the personal and memory value of your gift, you can take the chance to add the name of the city you want, the date you want, and the names and surnames of the couples at the bottom of the table. In this way, you can choose to make your gift suitable for special occasions such as anniversary or Valentine's Day.

More Information
Material Type: MDF
Poster size Any size can be customized
Features of mdf prints Attractive and cool design, Upscale material that is easy to clean
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