14 Interesting Facts for February 14 (Valentine’s Day)

14 Interesting Facts for February 14 (Valentine’s Day)

We all know Valentine’s Day is all about flowers, gifts, romantic dinners and extra love for all the lovers out there. But there is more to Valentine’s Day that we do not know. In this article, we are going to let you know some interesting facts about V-Day so that you can entertain your lover and show off how much you know about the day.

1- The most known history behind Valentine’s Day dates back to the reign of Emperor Claudius II when he banned Roman men from getting married during wartime. That time, Bishop Saint Valentine secretly and illegally married couples. He was then jailed for doing so and people started celebrating love on 14th of Feb. the day he died.

2- Charles the Duke of Orleans was the first one to write a Valentine’s Day card in 1415 when he wrote a love poem to his beloved wife who was prisoned in the Tower of London.

3- In Finland, Valentine’s Day is called Ystävänpäivä which translates to ‘’Friend’s Day” where people celebrate with friends rather than lovers and exchange friendly gifts.

4- The phrase “to wear your heart on your sleeves” came from a Middle Ages tradition where men and women would pick names from a bowl to see who would be their valentine’s and pin it on their sleeves for a week.

5- The most popular Valentine’s Day gift is flower where almost 1 billion flowers are sent worldwide on Valentine’s Day every year.

6- 1868 marks the year where the very first heart-shaped chocolate box was made and sold in England by Richard Cadbury on Valentine’s Day.

7- In history, there are multiple St. Valentines other than the one of Claudius II, including one pope who only served for 40 days in 827 A.D

8- In the USA only, over 1 million worth of chocolate is purchased on Valentine’s Day.

9- The reason behind red roses being famous for resembling love is that the red rose was the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of Love.

10- There is a new tradition that is getting viral in many countries where couples get married or engaged on Valentine’s Day.

11- Around 1000 love letters and cards are sent and addressed to Juliet every year in Verona, Rome.

12- Valentine’s Day is the second largest event of the year where cared are sold after Christmas.

13- Surprisingly, teachers are the most people who receive cards, gifts, and flowers on Valentine’s Day.

14- It is said that girls of medieval times used to eat bizarre foods on Valentine’s Day to dream of their future husbands.

Those were 14 interesting facts for February 14, some are historical and others are fun. If you are looking to add more flowers, cards or gifts to the facts.